Dry goods share, a minute to take you to understand the structure of the knitting machine

Issuing time:2024-02-23 16:21

Knitting machine is composed of frame, yarn supply system, transmission system, lubrication dust removal (smooth) system, electrical control system, drawing and winding system and other auxiliary devices.

What is the frame part of the knitting machine? The frame of the knitting machine is composed of three legs (commonly known as the foot) and a round (also square) table. The bottom foot is fixed with a fork, the table (commonly known as a large plate) is provided with three columns (commonly known as the upper foot or the straight foot), the straight foot is provided with a yarn frame seat, the security door (also known as the protection door) is installed in the gap between the three feet, the frame is stable and safe. It has the following characteristics: 1. The foot is a built-in structure. All electrical wires and tools can be placed in the foot, making the machine safe, simple and generous. 2. Safety door function is reliable. When the door is opened, the machine will automatically stop running and a warning will be displayed on the operation panel to avoid accidents.

What is the yarn supply structure of knitting large circle machine? The yarn supply structure is also known as the yarn feeding mechanism, which includes yarn frame, yarn storage device, yarn feeding nozzle, yarn feeding tray, yarn ring bracket and other components.

1. Yarn rack The yarn rack is used to hold the yarn. It has two types: umbrella creel (also called top creel) and floor creel, umbrella creel takes up little space, but can not receive spare yarn, suitable for local small businesses, floor creel has triangle creel and wall creel (also called two-piece creel), triangle creel is more convenient to move, the operator is easier to thread yarn; The wall yarn rack is neatly arranged and beautiful, but it occupies a large space and is convenient for placing spare yarn, which is suitable for large enterprises in factories.

2. Yarn feeder. The yarn feeder is used for winding yarn in three forms: ordinary yarn feeder, elastic yarn feeder (used when spandex bare silk and other fibers interlace), and electronic gap yarn storage device (used in jacquard large circle machine). Due to the different kinds of fabrics produced by the knitting machine, the yarn feeding method is not the same, generally there are three kinds of positive yarn feeding (winding 10 to 20 circles on the yarn storage device), semi-negative yarn feeding (winding 1 to 2 circles on the yarn storage device) and negative yarn feeding (not winding on the yarn storage device).

3. Feed the spout. The feed nozzle is also called a steel shuttle or yarn guide. It is used to feed the yarn directly into the knitting needle. It has a variety of types and shapes, such as single hole feeding nozzle, double hole feeding nozzle and groove feeding nozzle.

4. Other. The sand table is used to control the feeding amount of yarn in the knitting production of knitting large circle machine. The yarn holder supports a large loop for mounting the yarn storage device.

5. Basic requirements of yarn feeding mechanism. (1) The yarn feeding mechanism ensures the uniformity and continuity of the yarn feeding amount and tension, and ensures the size and shape of the coil in the fabric to obtain a smooth and beautiful knitted product. (2) The yarn supply mechanism should ensure that the yarn feeding tension (yarn tension) is reasonable, so as to reduce the appearance of fabric defects such as needle leakage, reduce weaving defects, and ensure the quality of woven fabric. (3) The yarn supply ratio (commonly known as the number of channels) between the knitting system meets the requirements, and it is easy to adjust the yarn supply (referring to the yarn feed tray) to meet the yarn feed needs of different colors and varieties. (4) The yarn hook is smooth without burrs, so that the yarn is placed neatly, the tension is uniform, and the yarn is effectively prevented from breaking.

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