What are the functions of knitting big circle machine?

Issuing time:2024-02-23 16:20

What are the functions of knitting big circle machine?

What are the functions of knitting big circle machine? We have also made a brief introduction to this problem before, but found that many customers still do not understand. Today I will take this opportunity to explain to you. I hope it can bring good help to the relevant people.

Speaking of knitting machine, I believe we can see what it is from its name. And know where it's used. This product has many advantages. For example, knitting machine is mainly composed of frame, yarn supply mechanism, weaving mechanism, transmission mechanism, lubricating dust removal (cleaning) mechanism, electrical control mechanism, drawing winding mechanism, etc. So it also makes its structure very simple. After understanding, we also found that there are generally 3 kinds of oil that may be encountered in the operation of the knitting machine. Such as knitting oil, motor oil and air compressor oil. With the exception of knitting oil, the other two oils do not emulsify in contact with water. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to call for consultation. There are online customer service staff to meet you, no matter what questions you have, they will help you patiently answer. You can also view our contact information on the official website, you can directly call for consultation. Although the knitting oil of this circular knitting machine will be emulsified by water and can be removed during the dyeing process, it is difficult to remove the oil due to the current low temperature dyeing process. This is also a problem that we should pay attention to.

The frame of the knitting machine consists of three legs and a workbench. A safety door is installed in the gap between the three lower legs. When the door is opened, the machine will automatically stop running. Of course, there are many important problems with its parts. For example, ordinary storage yarn, elastic, electronic intermittent time three forms. In addition, the yarn feeding method of the knitting large circle machine introduced here is generally active yarn feeding (the yarn is wound about 20 times on the yarn storage device). The equipment has three kinds of semi-passive feeding and passive feeding. Of course, we have equipped the storers you mentioned with electronic sensors that automatically stop when the woven yarn breaks or becomes too strained. At present, most of the commonly used knitting large circle machines adopt the forward feeding mode. The main function of the knitting machine is to target the production process, and then its braiding and settling sheets not only need to be in the braiding and settling slots. It can move up and down or back and forth at high speed, and of course it can also move in a circular motion with the cylinder (or needle plate), weave, between the sinker and the groove wall. This is a good beer maker on the Internet, and the company's official website has a wide variety of different products. Consumers think highly of it. And you will also find that on the company's official website, there is also a lot of information about the product and buying tips and so on.

What the knitting machine needs to do in the maintenance process is to remove the fluff and fluff attached to the creel and the surface of the machine each shift. Keep knitted parts and winding devices clean. In addition, each shift should check the automatic stop device and safety device, if abnormal should be repaired or replaced immediately. Next, check the active yarn feeding device. If there is any abnormality, it should be removed immediately for repair or replacement. Check the crank group oil level mirror and injector oil level tube. If there's something wrong with these places, it can't be. In addition, it is also recommended that you use the knitting large circle machine for some time. All you need to do is clean the feeding speed aluminum tray, remove the cotton wool accumulated in the tray, and check whether the tension of the conveyor belt is normal. For the staff, it is also necessary to check whether the belt tension of the transmission system of the knitting machine is normal and whether the transmission is stable. If there's something wrong with these places, it can't be. You also need to check the operation of the rolling machine.

The above introduces some knowledge of knitting big circle machine, hope to provide you with a reference!

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