What are the characteristics of single-sided large circle machine? Structural characteristics of kni

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What are the characteristics of single-sided large circle machine? There are many types of knitting machines, but no matter what type of knitting machine, its main structure is basically the same, but the specific mechanism composition varies according to the different work requirements of various machines, and is equipped with different auxiliary mechanisms for different purposes. The mechanism of the machine can be roughly divided into two parts, that is, the main mechanism and the auxiliary mechanism.

(1) What are the characteristics of the single-sided big circle machine? The main mechanism of the knitting machine

1. Loop forming mechanism The loop forming mechanism is the mechanism that bends the yarn to form a coil, and the coils are nested with each other to form a knitted fabric. Its main components include knitting needle, settler, triangle device and yarn guide. These parts are collectively referred to as the ring parts, driven or fixed by the spindle through their respective transmission mechanisms, and cooperate with each other for ring movement.

2. What are the characteristics of single-sided big circle machine? Yarn feeder is according to the requirements of the knitting system, the yarn on the bobbin or the warp shaft is sent to the looper at a certain tension and speed.

3. What are the characteristics of single-sided large circle machine? Pattern machine is called needle selection mechanism in weft knitting, its role is to select knitting needles or settling sheets according to pattern requirements. The pattern mechanism is called the guide bar transverse mechanism in warp knitting. Its function is to control the guide bar fixed with the guide needle to make the yarn move in the direction of the needle bed before and after the needle according to the pattern requirements.

4. Transmission mechanism is the main shaft as the main body, through the CAM, eccentric connecting rod, worm gear, gear and other transmission components, so that the machine parts of the movement of the mechanism.

5. What are the characteristics of single-sided big circle machine? The control mechanism is the mechanism that enables the various agencies to work in coordination with each other in accordance with the requirements of weaving.

6. Pulling mechanism It is a mechanism that pulls the fabric from the weaving area and rolls it into a cloth roll with a certain tension and speed.

(2) Auxiliary mechanism of knitting machine

1. Deceleration device In order to adjust the machine, the knitting machine is equipped with a deceleration device to make the machine run slowly and easy to maintain and adjust.

2. Automatic stop device, including machine failure, safety, yarn breaking, fabric defects, too much tension or too small, packaging capacity limit and other automatic stop device.

3. What are the characteristics of single-sided large circle machine? Various instrument knitting machines are equipped with machine tachometers, let-off speedometers and counters according to different models.

4. Expand the mechanics of color and change. The utility model includes a jacquard mechanism, a yarn press rod, a embossing plate, intermittent let-off and multiple express let-off.

What are the characteristics of single-sided large circle machine? In knitting production, the types of knitting machines used are also different in order to weave knitted fabrics or molded products of different textures. When the needle is inserted into a cylindrical cylinder or dial, it is called a circular knitting machine, and a flat knitting machine is called a flat knitting machine. These knitting machines can be classified according to the number of needle beds or needles, the type of needle bed or needle, and the type of needle used. Single side knitted fabrics are generally produced on a single needle bed (or single needle barrel) knitting machine. Single-sided knitting machines that use crochet as a loop machine include a trolley, a crane flannel circle machine, etc. Single-side knitting machine using tongue needle includes multi-triangle machine, wool machine, etc. Double-sided knitted fabrics can only be produced on double-bed knitting machines (or double-sided circular knitting machines). They are generally latched knitting machines, such as rib knitting machines, double rib knitting machines (cotton and wool machines), double reverse knitting machines, jacquard circular knitting machines and flat knitting machines. In addition, in order to produce single molding products, there are special weft knitting machines, such as fully formed automatic flat knitting machine, fully formed flat crochet knitting machine, glove machine and circular hosiery machine.

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