Talk about the advantages of knitting machine in lubrication and dust removal

Issuing time:2021-02-02 15:15

The main technical specifications of Quanzhou knitting machines are organic type, machine size, needle bed width (the width of the grey fabric that can be processed), number of needle beds (single needle bed or double needle bed, which can produce single-sided or double-sided fabrics respectively), comb The number of combs (the more the number of combs, the more complex the pattern and structure that can be knitted), the speed (the spindle speed per minute, generally one course is knitted per revolution), etc. The following will explain its advantages in lubrication and dust removal:

1. Dedicated oil mist sprayerThis is to provide a better lubricating effect on the surface of the deteriorated part. The fuel consumption produced by it is clearly visible. Once the oil is insufficient, it needs to be supplemented in time, otherwise the knitting machine will not continue to work.

2. Electronic automatic fuel dispenserThe functions of the knitting machine can be operated and set intuitively, which is very convenient to use.

3. Radar fan dust removalThe installation of the Quanzhou knitting machine has also greatly strengthened the dust removal function of the circular knitting machine, including the creel, yarn storage and other hidden positions can also be completely cleaned.

4. Different use environments, operating conditions, requirements for lubricants and greases are different. What kind of lubricating oil and grease to use is something that must be considered when designing and manufacturing the mechanical tunnel. It will form a general industry standard for a long time, and each industry will not be the same. For operation, please refer to the operation and maintenance manual of the knitting machine. The manufacturer will definitely give a clear explanation.

5. The requirements for the characteristics of lubricating oil should be determined according to the specific conditions. The requirements for lubricating oil and grease are different in different use environments, operating conditions. What kind of lubricating oil and grease to use is something to be considered when knitting machines are manufactured. It will form a general industry standard for a long time, which is not necessarily the same for each industry.

6. A blower pipe is installed at a certain distance around the knitting machine. Although there are many blower pipes, there is a place between the two blower pipes that is not clean, resulting in more yarn and hair, which affects production efficiency and product quality; in addition, blower pipes Too many is inconvenient for the staff to operate.

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