What are the characteristics of single jersey circular knitting machines?

Issuing time:2021-02-02 15:14

Ordinary single jersey knitting machines have many loops (usually 3~4 times the diameter of the needle cylinder, that is, 3 routes∕25.4mm~4 routes∕25.4mm). For example, a 30″ single jersey machine has 90F~120F, The 34" single-sided machine has 102~126F circuits, high speed and high output. In our country, some knitting enterprises are called multi-triangular knitting machines (mainly arising from the Z241 type).

Ordinary single jersey circular knitting machines have single needle track (one track), two needle tracks (two tracks), three needle tracks (three tracks), four needle tracks and six needle tracks in one season. They are currently mostly used in knitting enterprises. This is a four-needle single-sided circular knitting machine. It uses the organic arrangement and combination of knitting needles and triangles to weave various new fabrics.

Product design must follow the principle of "all products, not only in quantity, but also in quality", and correctly handle the relationship between economy, practicality and beauty. It is not only from the aesthetics of the fabric that the use of thinner weaves with excessively long floats affects the wearability of the fabric; nor from practical considerations, one-sided weighting and thickening of the fabric will affect its economic effect; at the same time, the fiber raw materials in the fabric should be fully utilized. Features to achieve good economic results. Therefore, the designer must be thorough, investigate and research, strengthen the connection with the trade department and the production department, so that the product meets the requirements for use, is easy to produce, and has sufficient supply of raw materials.

In order to be able to design knitting products that people love, it is necessary to be familiar with the methods and steps of product design, and on the basis of continuous practice, design products that are beautiful, practical and economical. It is also necessary to be familiar with the use and replacement of the circular knitting machine and the accessories of the circular knitting machine, so as to ensure the perfect knitted fabric.

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