Talk about the maintenance and maintenance of the parts of the large circle machine

Issuing time:2021-02-02 15:13

1. Technical StandardsUse dial indicator or feeler gauge to check(1) Self-flatness of the upper dial: standard≦0.05mm(2) The roundness of the upper dial: standard≦0.05mm(3) The roundness of the lower needle cylinder: standard≦0.05mm(4) Self-flatness of the lower needle cylinder: standard≦0.05mm(5) The same roundness of the upper and lower needle cylinders: standard≦0.05mm(6) The same roundness of the upper dial and the lower needle cylinder: standard≦0.05mm(7) The gap between the upper plate triangle and the needle cylinder 0.15mm-0.20mm(8) The gap between the lower circle triangle and the needle cylinder 0.15mm-0.20mm

2. Primary adjustment    In order to use the machine more safely, do the following checks and preliminary adjustments before using the machine.

(1) Motor drive inspection    After connecting the power supply, be sure to check the driving direction of the motor immediately.If the driving direction of the motor is different from the direction indicated on the label on the motor housing, you must immediately change the wiring of the motor (in the motor junction box, two of the three phases are opposite. Just adjust).

(2) Inspection and adjustment of motor drive belt    Before starting work, please check the tension of the motor drive belt, and apply 1-1.8kg pressure to the middle of the belt. At this time, the linear deformation of the belt should not be greater than 3.5mm. If it is too loose or too tight, it should be adjusted immediately until it meets the requirements. The method is as follows: loosen the fixing screw of the motor base, move the motor outward or inward, and tighten the screw after the tension reaches the requirement.    Note: After three days of operation, it should be rechecked, and then every three months.

(3) Adjustment of dust blowing system    The fan of the dust blowing system should be adjusted specifically so that the fan is in position so that it can blow to every corner of the yarn after it is energized and rotated.

(4) Adjustment of yarn feeding transmission systemFine adjustment of yarn feeding aluminum pan    Adjusting the diameter of the yarn feeding aluminum disk can fine-tune the transmission speed ratio and change the yarn feed rate. The adjustment method is as follows:    First loosen the round nut on the top of the aluminum feeding tray with a wrench. When the upper cover is rotated in the “” direction, the 12 sliders inside the aluminum plate will expand outward, increasing the diameter of the wheel body, thereby increasing the yarn feeding amount. On the contrary, rotating in the “-” direction, the slider will retract inward , The diameter of the wheel is reduced, and the amount of yarn feed will also be reduced. The face cover should be kept parallel during the rotation process, otherwise, the slider may fall out of the groove. ®The adjustable diameter range of the yarn feeding aluminum plate is: 70mm-200mm. After the aluminum plate is adjusted, re-lock the round nut. After fine adjustment of the yarn feeding aluminum plate, the tension of the yarn feeding transmission belt should be adjusted.Tension adjustment of the feeding belt    If the transmission belt is too loose, the yarn storage device will slip and stop, which will affect the yarn feeding. Therefore, the yarn feeding transmission belt should be adjusted as follows before starting:    Loosen the fixing screw of the roller, and pull the roller outward along the sliding rod. At this time, the belt should be evenly stressed on the entire circle of the yarn storage device. Lock the screw.

(5) Inspection of grease lubrication    Check the lubrication of the transmission system and the cloth rolling system, and add grease every day to avoid the lack of grease lubrication of the mechanical parts and cause wear.

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